Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ONE last post...

... before the Twincesses are ONE!!  Ava and Emma will be 1 in just under an hour!  I am not going to lie, I have been a bit of a wreck all day.  I just can't believe how quickly this past year has flown bye and I am missing the days where my babies were tiny and sleeping swaddled in their co-sleeper.  I truly look forward to each and every moment and milestone with my kids.  I can't wait to see Jackson get on the school bus one day.  I eagerly await the girls taking their first steps, saying "Jackson" for the first time, and so much more!  But it all happens way too fast for me.  And maybe a part of it, is that Ava and Emma are most likely the last babies I will have?  I was emotional when Jackson turned 1 also, but not like this.  I was in line at the party store tonight and I found myself holding back tears while looking up at the balloons I was picking up.  When I got home, the kids were in bed and Rick was in the kitchen, I handed him the balloons and started to cry.  He looked at me confused and said "Tanya, you do realize that we are keeping them, right... I mean you're acting like we have to give them back or something".

I decorated their high chairs tonight, I am sure they will be very excited to see the balloons.  Jackson made the girls each a birthday card, with some help from Rick and they came out really cute!  I need to get some sleep, we have a big day planned tomorrow and I want to get up early and make a big breakfast for my BIRTHDAY girls!  



  1. Awwwww......such a great year with so many wonderful memories. You and Rick are truly blessed.....love you and them! xo

  2. So cute! Hope you all have a great time celebrating! And I love the birthday hats :) Can't wait to see some pics of them in those.

  3. Happy birthday!!! Have a wonderful celebration!