Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Way Back Wednesday: Soccer

Jackson's been begging to play soccer lately!  We are signing him up at the Local YMCA, since it seems he's genuinely tortured by the idea of waiting for the 1 week clinic in August that's offered by our town recreation dept.

These pics were taken in July of 2008, also at the YMCA.  As you can sort of tell, Jackson didn't really get into it.  He was always looking the wrong way, or running in the oppoite direction and his favorite part was the water breaks.  To be honest, the 45 minute session was more like a long water break with a couple 5 minute soccer ball chasing sessions sprinkled in for good measure!

Below are some pictures taken last week at my sister, Allison's house and as you can see, he has definitely improved!  Jackson's cousins, Orlando, 11 and Justin, 9 are super athletes and especially good at Soccer!  Of-course they are also the coolest kids on the planet, so Jackson is all the more excited to improve his skills and "play with the big boys"!!


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