Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crazy Lady.

OK, so I hate to be the snobby twin-mom who gets annoyed when people ask questions and/or make comments, but there is no way around it sometimes.  I am usually very happy to answer people's questions, as crazy and inconceivable as some of them are.  I think it's sweet that every old lady in the mall wants to "just take take a peek" at Ava and Emma and ask a few questions.  My mother is a an angel and a very obsessed proud grandmother, so she's more than happy to parade the girls down the streets of town and answer questions... hell she'd probably do a Q&A session with photos at the local library or the Mall food court, if I let her!

Rick and I took Ava and Emma to Panera for dinner a few days ago and while waiting in line, we noticed a woman and her grown son (I am guessing 17yo) were checking us out.  This woman, who for the rest of this post will be referred to as Crazy Lady was just itching to say something.  I could tell.  I smiled at her and that was all she needed, she walked over and said to her son while pointing at Ava and Emma, as if Rick and I weren't there and the girls were in some sore of aquarium or glass encased exhibit "look honey it's the kind that look exactly alike".  Then she asked me "what are they called".  Me - "Twins", I said, "they are Identical twins".  Crazy Lady - "Oh, that's right, those are the kind that skip a generation, right?".  Me - "Ummm, not sure about that, but you're thinking of fraternal twins, Identical twins are not hereditary".  Crazy Lady - "Oh, I see, because my grandfather had the other kind, the kind that look different" (I assume she meant that he fathered twins, not had them, but I didn't dare question her).  It takes a lot to keep me quiet, but I had no response to that.  Crazy Lady then looks at her son and says "see honey, everyone thought that I would have twins, because my grandfather did, and he had the kind that come every other generation, but thank god I didn't"... Crazy lady then looks at me and says "no-offense though".

None taken Crazy Lady.  None Taken.