Friday, April 23, 2010

From the mouths of babes...

... Or in this case, Jackson!  I truly wish I had the time to write down everything that he says, because he's such a comedian and his vocabulary is very extensive.  I am sure that those of you who know me personally aren't shocked to learn that I have a child who likes to talk!  Loves to talk is more accurate, and of-course I find myself saying to Jackson those same dreaded words that my mother used to say to me... "do you ever stop talking" and "I think sometimes your just talking to hear yourself talk". 

Here are just some of Action Jackson's most recent blog-worthy quotes...

"Mommy, don't be silly... I don't just want to be a cement worker, I also want to be a gas pumper at night"

"I know I can't marry Vittoria, because she is my cousin, but when I am older, and I am I college, then can I marry her?"

After I asked him to clean up his toys, he replied "no that's OK mommy, your a big girl, you can do it" (that one earned a time-out, but Rick and I had to leave the room, so Jackson wouldn't hear us giggling).

My Favorite quote needs a little back-story.  A couple of weeks ago I took Jackson to the pediatrician for a throat culture (which was negative, but that's not the point).  While we were there Dr. A told Jackson that he was very "impressed" with his mature behavior and good manners.  On the way home Jackson asked "mommy, what does in press mean?"  I explained that the "word is impressed, not in press" and that it means that "Dr. A is proud of you".  He then asked me "are you impressed with me too mommy?"  I replied "yes Jackson, of-course I am".  "Even when you're upset with me are you impressed, mommy" he then asked.  "Yes Jackson, even when I am upset, I am always proud of you", I said.  He then asked "Mommy, sometimes are you outpressed?"  I thought that was very insightful and super cute!  

After a long explanation about how "outpressed" isn't a word, we moved on to the next million questions, but he's all about being "impressive" now and wants to make sure everyone is "impressed" with everything he does!

What are your kids saying?


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