Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ava's Special Day!

It's been a long time since I have posted anything and I am starting to feel guilty.  We have been busy, but who isn't?  I know lots of mom's who have 3, 4, even 5 kids, some that work full time and still find time to blog weekly, even daily!  No excuses, I just haven't been into it, I guess.  I have had plenty to blog about.  We've been having lots of fun lately, the kids are really enjoying all the Spring activities and warmer weather. 

Last week I decided to take one of the girls out for a special day and Rick was off work on Friday, which never rarely happens, so it worked out perfectly.  Rick stayed home with Jackson and Emma and I took Ava with me to go shopping with Heidi (one of my best friends), her parents, who are visiting from San Diego and her son, Rocco, who is just a month older than Ava and Emma.  How did I choose who to take with me?  Well, obviously I am planning to take Emma for a special mommy day very soon, so it was just a matter of who was in a better mood.  To be honest, they were both happy and smiling, so I asked Jackson to choose for me.  Emma happened to be sitting next to him on the floor at the time, so he said he wanted her to "stay home and play".  According to Rick and Jackson, Emma had a great day and seemed to enjoy all the special attention!!

Ava was like a little baby pageant queen at the Mall.  She was just in her glory, waving to everyone, clapping her hands and smiling.  I had bought some tiny elastics for babies, so she had her first "pony-tail" in... well more like a little sprout!  I swear she knew she looked cute.  Ava and Emma LOVE going shopping with me.  There is so much to see and they love going out in the stroller and since they are right next each other, they can play and share toys.  Rocco hung out with Ava in the stroller, so she did have a play-mate.  He's with us so much, that he's learned to share and socialize with other babies very well, for an only child.  Of-course, everyone wanted to know if Ava and Rocco were twins.  What's really funny, is how excited people were to see "a boy and a girl"!  People just love a set of boy/girl twins and seemed disappointed to learn that they weren't twins, but that Ava did have a twin sister.  I guess since they look nothing alike and I am so used to having twin girls, I wasn't expecting even more attention then I when I am out with Ava and Emma!  The babies were both fantastic all day.  They both napped in the stroller, Ava for 30 minutes and Rocco for well over an hour!  We had lunch in the food court, where we discovered Ava's love of fried rice (probably not the best choice, I know) and then we let then crawl around, since this mall had a big carpeted area... OK, Rocco crawled and Ava sat and watched ;)  

It was such a great day and I am so glad we did it.  It was hard leaving the house with just Ava.   I felt a little guilty, but more so it just felt odd.  Packing the baby bag for one, bringing one bottle, one container of baby food and one spoon and buckling one baby in her car seat.  It was great though.  I really got to enjoy Ava and she truly seemed to enjoy having all of my attention.  But I did really missed Emma.  Jackson and I have lots of alone time, but I usually have all three kids, or I have just Jackson, or just the girls.  I had never been with just Ava or Emma, except for when they were in the hospital with RSV.  After hearing about how much Emma enjoyed her time at home with her brother and her Daddy, I felt better and now I can't wait to take her out for her special day!


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