Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lots of new happenings!

So first let me say that I am starting to come to terms with the fact that I am not the best blogger.  It isn't that I don't enjoy blogging, I really do!  And it's not like we don't have TONS of new and exciting news to share.  I just don't take the time to do it very often and that's OK, right?  So, I am going to break this post down into a few parts.

1.  My weight loss progress!  Lots of people have been asking and I love all of the comments and support, so keep em' coming!  I am down 13lbs and I have lost every week since I started.  I am not loosing big numbers weekly, like I have in the past, but I am OK with that.  I'm more likely to have success in keeping the pounds off, if they come off slowly and let's face it... I am getting older!  Of-course I know that turning 31 last month doesn't mean I should get on a wait-list for an assisted living home, but the older you are the harder it is to get back into shape.  I am working hard, but I could work harder, for sure.  I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and eating smaller portions, making healthier choices.  I need to work on drinking more water, eating more fruits and veggies and not eating after 7pm.  I am not a mid-night snacker, but I have been eating dinner after the gym in the evenings and then having a light dessert/snack after 8pm, which isn't a great habit.  I weigh in on Monday mornings and that keeps me in check over the weekend.  I used to (after I had Jackson) weigh in on Friday's, so I often splurged on the weekends and then made up for it all week.  I was still successful, but I think it's important to make healthier choices every day.  I am also going to start going to WW meetings after my 3 month WW online subscription runs out, since I liked the meetings before (also after I had Jackson) and I miss that support.

2.  All about Action Jackson!  Jackson has been so much fun lately, he is a true comedian.  The things that he says are just so hilarious, but can also be inappropriate sometimes.  Some favorites...

"mom, when I am five, then can I go live with Auntie Allison and change my name to Pepe" 

"mom, how come Vittoria's Barbie Dolls don't have those things on their breast so they can feed babies" 

Me: "Jackson show me how you say your prayers"
Jackson: "prayers"

Oh, I could go on and on, but I will leave you with that!  Jackson has been testing boundaries a lot lately, talking back and throwing 2yo-like tantrums.  We have been more persistent with discipline, time-outs and following through and it seems to be working.  He's so sweet and affectionate, but also VERY sensitive and VERY dramatic!  He loves to be the center of attention, so when he learned that this week at preschool was going to be "All About Jackson", he couldn't have been more thrilled.  We put together a big poster, with lots of pictures, artwork and all of Jackson favorite things to hang on the bulletin board in his classroom.  We also made 4 small posters with different themes... "My Birthday", "When I grow up", " My Cousins" and "I love being a Big Brother" to pass around the class.  Jackson and I had a lot of fun picking out favorite pictures to include, cutting his favorite things from magazines, using glitter glue and Jackson especially loved drawing his first "self-portrait".  I will take photos of our posters when they come home from school and post them!

3. The Twincesses take NYC!  The little ladies are getting so BIG and they are just so sweet!  They just love playing with each-other and they have lots of new toys from Christmas that they are just starting to really enjoy.  My sister gave me her "jumperoo" and they really love it!  Ava bounces like crazy and crosses her little feet like a ballerina, it's just precious!  I need to have Rick show me how to post video on here, I have some super cute videos of Ava jumping.  Emma likes it too, but just hasn't completely got the hang of it yet.  We had Early Intervention here yesterday for the girls first evaluation and they both qualified for services.  Mostly for gross motor skills, neither of them are sitting and they aren't very mobile, but both girls are rolling over (Emma finally did it!) and Ava is starting to pivot and reach while on her belly.  They also qualified for "expressive language", but neither of them made any consonant sounds while being evaluated and both of them do.  I am not super concerned, but I am happy that they are going to get some help and I am looking forward to the extra set of hands once a week.  I have also heard phenomenal things about the EI playgroups.

The biggest news is that the girls were featured on a book cover for Harlequin Novels and we got to go to NYC for the photo shoot!  It was lots of fun and the girls were so great.  They slept the whole way there and back (we drove) and they got the star treatment!  My mom, who has never been to NYC came with me and it was so much fun to see her relax and enjoy herself.  We stayed right in Times Square, which was so much fun and the girls loved walking around and seeing all of the lights.  The girls were actually cast as boys, so they were in overalls and posed with a "Ricky Martin" look a like who was their "dad".  The book comes out in early summer and I will be sure to post the cover, once we get our copies!!

The girls are really growing their own adorable little personalities.  Ava is feisty and silly and a sweet little goof-ball and Emma is more mellow, more serious and just melts your heart with her shy smile!

This winter has been just great!  We are all having a lot of fun and truly enjoying every minute of being together!