Monday, January 11, 2010

Lots of new happenings!

I have been so bad about blogging lately and I have no excuse really!  We have had PLENTY going on and lots of blog worthy stuff too!  I am going to break it all down into a few different posts, so that I don't have to write (and you don't have to read) a 5 page post.  Also, this way I am sort of forced to follow up and post more often!

The holidays were amazing, Santa was good to all of us and Jackson is at such a great age for all of the parties, lights and presents of-course!  The Twincesses got tons of adorable new clothes, their very 1st dolls, lots of great little rattles and teethers and their first Tea Set!! Santa brought Jackson a rocket space station and a fire engine that he can take apart and put back together with a working drill!  The kids also got a hand-made book shelf from Dad and some great new books!!

New Years Eve was low-key, but lots of fun and Jackson made it to mid-night, which I NEVER thought would happen!   We celebrated with family and a few good friends, next door at my sister's house. The girls were asleep upstairs in the pack n' play by 6:30, so not much action for them!  We had lots of great food, Champagne and plenty of sweets.  We all played Wii Karaoke and watched the ball drop, it was so cute to watch the excitement (mixed with exhaustion) on Jackson's face when we all screamed Happy New Year and blew our noisemakers.  I will always remember that moment, a perfect start to the new year!!

Happy Belated 2010!!  Here are some pics form the Holidays.  Stay tuned to hear about the big milestones the Twincesses are reaching (and not reaching), plus hear all about Jackson's new preschool and my newest Weight-loss endeavors!!


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