Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh wait, I almost forgot...

... I have a BLOG!  I have been so bad lately and to be honest, I don't have a good excuse for not posting anything in the past few weeks.  Oh well, you forgive me right?  Good, then now for some updates! 

Action Jackson is doing great, we are spending lots of time working on recognizing letters and writing his name.  Rick is also working on teaching him to tie his shoes.  There is always some sort of construction going on here and Jackson can't get enough of all of the trucks and tools.  He loves to "go to work" with his dad and Nonno (my dad) and since they are building homes just outside our front door, it's perfect!  Jackson is also really into everything Christmas... especially Holiday movies, Nemo (our "Elf on the Shelf" pictured in the first pic below, sitting above the cabinet) and making anything gingerbread!

The Twincesses are getting so BIG and they are so much fun!  We started solids just a few weeks ago and it's going well.  They really didn't love any of it at first, but after some time they adjusted just fine.  Funny... Ava seems to prefers fruits, like apples and pears and Emma prefers veggies like  zucchini, squash and carrots!  They have also been spending a lot of time "playing".  They love their exersaucers and have started reaching for the attached toys, they love Sesame Street and mostly they LOVE each other!  They sleep close to one another, they hold hands and rub each others heads, they blow raspberries and laugh together!  They are just so sweet!

Oh and I can't forget about Lucy!  NO, we haven't adopted a 4th child... we are dog sitting!  Lucy is a sweet Beagle and she's staying with us while her mom and dad (our friends Heidi and Chris) are visiting family and doing some deer hunting.  Jackson and Lucy spent all morning outside enjoying our first true snow-fall of the year!  She's really a great dog and I am not a big dog person.  I do love animals, but I am just not in love with idea of caring for one full-time.  Rick, on the other hand very much wants a dog.  Lucy is quiet, especially for a Beagle.  She's well behaved, great with kids and Jackson is over-the-moon that we're watching her.  Still, having a dog is a lot of work and I think we'll wait a few years before we re-visit the idea of bringing one into our home permanently!

That's pretty much it for new and exciting news with us.  We've got lot's of Birthdays threw out the Holiday Season and we're looking forward to celebrating with family and friends and enjoying the Twincesses First Christmas!

Join in and share some pics of your little ones enjoying the Holiday season and the snow (if you have snow of-course) and check out Mamma Joss's adorable little munchkins enjoying their first "snow-day" too! 



  1. So cute! I especially love the pics of Jackson in the snow. There is definitely something magical about the first snow of the year.

    I'm impressed that you took on dog sitting! I am not a dog person at all, and with all I do just to take care of the kids, I can't imagine having a dog to care for as well. Still, it seems like a nice try-out situation, and like you said, you can always revisit the dog ownership discussion down the road when the kids are a little older.

  2. Hehe I love the Gingerbread house...nice job!!! My son would also be in his glory w all the's great entertainment for AJ I'm sure! Oh and those girls of yours...beyond precious...i llove that they sleep sweet. Are you tripping over all the toys and baby equip in your house or what? You are amazing! Thanks for the link/ are the sweetest. Great post :) Made me smile