Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Way Back When-esday: My Favorite Time of Year

I love the Fall, it's my favorite time of year!  I love the foliage and the cool crisp air.  I love apple picking, carving pumpkins, seeing all of the kids dressed up for Halloween and of course Thanksgiving... I LOVE all of it!  This is definitely my season.  Next week we will hit the (not really) Haunted Hayride at our local Farm, and enjoy an apple picking birthday party for my sister Alex, who's turning 18!!  Jackson's preschool is going pumpkin picking for their field-trip this month and my local twin moms group is having it's annual Halloween party, which I have heard is always a blast.  Oh, the fun-filled-Fall activities are endless!

I'd love to hear what fun everyone else has planned for the Fall and to see some of your favorite Fall photos, here are some of mine...



  1. I LOVE the fall too...and your photos here are exactly why. Look how adorable he is!!! Can't wait to see your crew in their Halloween attire this year!!!

  2. I love the fall too!I can't wait to make the costumes for the 3 kids. I already have 1 (scarecrow from the wizard of oz) and need to make 1 more as well as a dorothy costume. We'll be at the twins group halloween party and then trick or treating at my sister's wedding