Friday, October 16, 2009

Things I Just CAN'T Live Without!

I have lots to update everyone on!  I just don't have the desire or the energy right now, emotionally we are all still pretty raw.  But, I will must say THANK YOU all so, so much for the prayers and well wishes and you'll all be happy to hear that Jackson is perfectly fine!  I promise to post all about that soon.

For now though, I am sort of copying Cheryl and having a little fun.  So... here is a list of things I just can't live without.  

1. Popcorn

2. My compact

3. Cell-phone

4. Soapnet

5. Digital Camera

6. Foot rubs

7. Chocolate

8. Girls night (drinks preferably, but not required)

9. Magazines (both trashy and parenting)

10. My Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

11. Coffee

12. Fuzzy socks

13. Scrap-booking, party planning and gift-wrapping

14. Butternut squash

15. Warehouse shopping (love my Costco and BJ's)

16. Everything Christmas, but specifically:  Late-night Christmas Eve, wrapping gifts with my Mom, while sipping hot chocolate and listening to Christmas Carols.  Watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation with my dad.  Big FAT real Christmas Trees.  The sweet surprised look on the kids faces.

17. Spell-Check

18. Talking!

So of-course my family is a given!  Honestly though, when I read this... I am a little embarrassed.  I mean I was honest, but yikes... I sound so tween-like!  I am not that vein, I swear.

Now EVERYONE please, pretty, pretty please leave a comment!  Anything on my list that makes yours?  What can't you live without?