Monday, October 26, 2009

Persistence is FINALLY paying off... Part #2

You may have already read Part #1 of this post,  if not you can check it out here.  I am happy to announce that "action Jackson" had another successful bedtime last night and slept until 7am this morning!  Now for the "Twincesses"...

I gave some background info for Part #1, so I'll do the same here:  Ava and Emma were born just over 35 weeks and both came home with me from the hospital.  Emma spent her first day in the NICU, Ava (the smaller baby) was diagnosed with IUGR, but went straight to the regular nursery!  I have to admit, I do sometimes treat the girls differently because of their size and prematurity.  Certain milestones have been met at the appropriate age and some were a little late, but perfect for their "adjusted age".  I guess it's silly, since they don't have any problems related to their early arrival.  I had started to be a little more lax about things at one point, then both girls were hospitalized with RSV and I think I regressed a bit.  

The girls have been sleeping soundly and ALL night long for several weeks!  They have truly been good sleepers from the start.  Like most newborns, they spent much of the day swaddled like little burritos.  I think we expected that at some point they'd "let us know" when they were done being strapped into their "straight-jackets" as my family calls them!  I know all of you twin moms out their can sympathize with me here, as we have had many discussions and even posted illustrated tutorials on our beloved swaddling techniques!  I am sure a lot of singleton moms are with me too.  I mean really, they are sleeping 12 hours at night and napping the day away... obviously I am doing something right.  So now that they truly are out-growing their  
swaddle blanket/sleep-sack combo, we were faced with a decision... buy new ones or see how they do without them.  The following letter from "Ava and Emma" aka my mother, which I received at work last week was the last straw:

Dear Mom,
     I know you don't' want us to grow up, but you gotta face it. We are getting to damn big for those bleeping pink swaddles! Our toes are getting numb from them being to short for our growing bodies. Yes we are comfy and cozy for the most part, but get us something longer or we are going on STRIKE!!!.
Your Loving Daughters,
Ava and Emma

This is not a joke.  So what choice did I have, really?  Anyways, it's inevitable... eventually they will need to learn to sleep without the swaddles, so this week we decided to "wean" them.  With advise from another MOT (thanks Heather!) we got some long sleeve sleep-sacks (again, thanks Heather!) and turned the sleeves inside out, so that they girls could move around, but still were somewhat confined and cozy.  Like any transition, there was an adjustment period.  The first few naps were shorter and they didn't sleep as soundly that first night, but it wasn't bad at all.  We did this for 3 days.  Yesterday, we put them in the sleep sacs, with their arms in the sleeves... yes it's true... full freedom!  They were sooo funny, laughing, swatting each other, rolling around and sucking on their hands.  They didn't know what to with themselves, with all of this new found freedom of motion!  That first morning nap, it took about an hour for them to fall asleep, then they woke up a couple times, fussed a little and would go back to sleep for 15-20 minute intervals.  This lasted for 2-3 hours, which is how long these usually nap.  Their afternoon nap was much better.  Last night they went down at 6:30pm and didn't fall asleep until after 7:30, but they slept until 7am and this morning they went right down for their morning nap with no problem!

I am still not convinced that they really needed to be "set free", but I digress.  It was going to happen eventually and now we are a step closer to putting them down for the night in their crib.  That of course, will only happen when Jackson is consistently going to bed without melt-downs and not waking up at 4am! 

Stay tuned... and for now some photos of the "Twincesses", sleeping soundly and swaddle free!



  1. So smart of you to start that chart...I will keep that in mind...hope it continues to work for you guys :) My son is scaling the crib, so we're close to toddler bed thing - ugh.

    As for the girls...they look pretty darn comfy (and adorable) in their pretty new sleepsacks :) I have to admit both of my litte ones refused the swaddle and even the sleep sacks, so you are lucky.

    Whatever gets them to sleep - right. I have no clue how you do it all Momma - you are amazing.

  2. You are so lucky that they sleep well. And they are beautiful! Thanks for reading my blog.