Monday, October 26, 2009

Goodbye Savannah...

My family's dog was put to sleep today.  Savannah, a beautiful and sweet Golden Retriever was really "Miranda's Dog".  Miranda prayed and begged for her and after having major surgery to correct her hip sockets at 7 years old, my parents gave in.  I must admit, I asked my parents not to get a Golden, to get anything but a Golden.  Everyone had one and I wanted something more unique.  Still, I fell in love with her when I came home from school and saw the adorable puppy sitting in Miranda's arms.  We all loved her, but no one loved her like Miranda did.  She loved and cared for Savannah, as if she was her own child and I know that Savannah felt that same love for Miranda.  

Miranda, Alex (17 yo sister) and my mother took Savannah to the beach yesterday, it was her first time with her feet in the sand and the ocean!  It was a wonderful end to her journey and I wish I could have been there.  This morning she was simply to weak to get up.  My mom called me from the Vet's office and said it was time to let her go, so we all went and said our good-byes.  Always by her side, Miranda stayed with Savannah as she went to sleep, my did mother as well. 

Please keep Miranda in your prayers and feel free to leave a comment, as she follows my blog and I am sure could use any kind words offered.  

RIP Savannah, we LOVE you!


  1. I'm so sorry. We had to put one of our cats down in July and it was really devastating. My daughters and I still talk about Elwood and how much we miss him. Embrace the memories of Savannah. ((Hugs))

  2. Miranda - I feel your pain. You can go to my blog to read my fairwell to Charly... another of the best dogs ever. I could also tell you about Riven, who I got at 6 and Mom and Dad put down when I was 19!
    Hang tight. It gets easier.