Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back on the Wagon...

... The weight-loss wagon that is.  It's time, actually it is long overdue!  The girls are 4 months old now and I am NOT even close to where I want/need to be.  I have never been thin and actually it's been a quite a while since I have even been average.  I have never been so upset with myself before, at least not about my physical appearance.  I know, I know, I just had twins.  The thing is, this body wasn't much different before I got pregnant.  I am struggling to find anything in my closet that fits and is not maternity!  It's just not healthy and I am not happy, this is not the wife, mom or person I want to be.  So since I had great success in the past with Weight Watchers, that is what I am doing now, along with our "biggest loser" challenge at work.  A few of the other nurses, medical assistants and I started on Monday, but official weigh in was on Wednesday. So far I am doing well, I have actually lost almost 5lbs since Monday's unofficial weigh-in.  To be honest, I think that is good and bad.  I know what your thinking... how could such a quick loss be bad?  The thing is I am SO overweight now that the lbs will melt off in the beginning.  As long as I eat well and get some exercise, of course.  My body doesn't need ALL of this extra weight.  It's going to be more difficult to loose those last 10-20lbs.  So the fact that it was that easy to loose almost 5lbs, is a bittersweet reminder of just how overweight I am!

I will post weekly updates on my goals, successes, failures and experiences.  When I reach or become much closer to my goal, I will reveal what I started at.  YIKES!  

I'd love any advice, support, recipes, walking buddies, anything you think could help me.  I am just going ask one thing of my friends and family that actually see me on a regular basis:  Please DO NOT comment that "I look fine", am "not overweight", or say things like "you look great for just having twins".  What does that one even mean?  Would it be completely unacceptable for anyone who has not birthed more than one child at one time to look like I do?  I know you're being sweet, but it's NOT true and it doesn't help me.  It's a blatant lie and it isn't saving my feelings.  I know exactly what I look like and you're not making me feel any better.  Thanks!



  1. Good luck... can't wait to hear your updates.

  2. Bring it on, girlfriend. I'm on the same bandwagon. I am doing the October Shredheads challenge. 3 days per week of the Jillian Michaels DVD, two days of the gym, and Weight Watchers for food.

    So, I guess the saying isn't "9 months on, 29 months off," huh? Shoot. :-)

    Go girl, go! I'm right there with you.

  3. have fun at the wedding!

    25min run yesterday; yoga today followed by 15min run :-)