Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Way Back When-esday: Time for some baby pics...

The girls are almost 4 months old and I really think this is a fun age.  I love how smiley they are and all the "talking".  The girls are starting to respond to Jackson much more and they love to watch him dance and make silly faces.  He loves to make them laugh and it's so rewarding to see them interact.

As promised, I have some baby pics today!  Lately, a few people have said that they see a resemblance between Jackson and the girls.  Makes sense, since they are siblings, but I am not sure I see it?  Have a look for yourself, these are some pics of Jackson around the same age as Ava and Emma are now.

                             Here are a few of Jackson...

And here are a few of Ava and Emma...




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