Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two For Tuesday: Best Friends!

This Two For Tuesday post may surprise you, as the Twincesses are not the "Two" I am talking about!  

As most of you know, Jackson celebrated his 4th birthday just last week and when he blew out the candles he made one very special wish... to have a play-date with his best friend Mia (his cousin).  These two have been the best of friends for the past 4 years, Mia is just 5 months younger than Jackson.  Unfortunately, Mia and her adorable little sister Ella were not able to make it to Jackson's party, so we went over to their house last night to grant Jackson's Birthday wish.  It went pretty well, although Jackson was upset that I forgot his pajamas (they always love to get into their PJs and watch movies).  If you could have seen the look on our faces when after a long period of only silence coming from upstairs (never a good sign), Jackson walked downstairs in Mia's PJs (btw she weighs about 10lbs less than him)!!  

Here is a photo of their very first meeting, and a couple black-mail shots of Jackson in Mia's PJs and a pink turtleneck that was on backwards!!