Sunday, September 6, 2009

My First Blog!

Oh my, how can this... my first ever Blog entry be cause for such nerves. I suppose it's due to the fact that I have been so thoroughly impressed and even more so entertained by the blogs of my friends, Nicole, Joss, Liz and so many more!!

So here goes. I am Tanya, mom to a sweet and tenacious son Jackson who will be 4 in 1 week (9.13.05)! I am also a new member of the world of
MOTs, otherwise known as "mom of twins". Ava and Emma aka the "Twincesses" were welcomed into our crazy brood on June 2nd after a relatively uneventful 35 week pregnancy.

Life thus far has been pretty good to us! A brief overview, for those of you who know me you know brief is NOT something I do well :)

I was born and raised here in Massachusetts, I have a big, loud, loving Italian family. My parents (Aldo and Judie) are pretty old-fashioned, married 31 years and have 6 daughters... yes 6 girls, NO boys! Allison 35, Samantha 27, Cassandra 23, Miranda 20 and Alexandra 17. I fall 2
nd in line and I am mom to half of my parents grandchildren, with Allison claiming the other 3 kiddos, Orlando 10, Justin 8 and Vittoria 4. Since my life centers around these people, it is important that you know who they are... they will be mentioned quite often in my upcoming blogs... I think?

Rick is my DH and the silly fool who decided to marry into the craziness listed above! Born and raised in NH, he's as American as apple pie. He grew up in the
Sunapee region, played Hockey and joined the USMC straight out of high-school. He works for my dad (poor thing) a contractor, but is an aircraft mechanic by trade. We met when he walked into UNO's, yes the pizza place and sat down at my table. I must have been some waitress, 3 weeks later he got a job at UNO's! We were engaged less than a year later in March, married 6 months later on 9.18.04 and by New Year, I was expecting Jackson!

Last summer we had our first family vacation with Jackson to Italy, with rest of my extended family, on the heels of my hospitalization for
Giullian Barre' Syndrome, LONG story. When we returned my doctors cleared me to get pregnant, if I wanted to. I did! Unfortunately, Rick had just lost his job, so the timing was just not right. We decided to try and avoid getting pregnant (sorry if TMI). Oops, well aren't we clever, because come October I was pregnant!

After a quick scan at work (I work in OB) and then lunch-break spent in radiology for confirmation, I decided to take a half-day so that I could come home and tell Rick (still unemployed) that we were in fact expecting identical twins!! After several repetitions of "holy crap", "we need a new car", "we only have 2 bedrooms" and miles of driveway paced by Rick, we settled somewhat into the idea of being parents of 3!!!

On June 2
nd Ava and Emma arrived! Weighing in at 4lb 11oz and 5lb 8oz respectively. They were both healthy and pink and came from the hospital with me after 5 days. 3 months later, they are sleeping through the night, smiling and were just Christened last week.

Jackson's 4
th birthday is next on our list and should prove to be a Dino-mite party! Can you guess the theme?

So that's us. Not so brief I guess, but I did my best!

I'd love to hear some reviews on my 1st blog! What can I do differently, better, less of, more of etc...


  1. To: Tanya
    First of all you have a such a great family that support you and rest of Getto families.(LOL). I am a Mother of 5 and It's really hard!.. Luckily I didn't have Twins ..For me I met a great friend like you're sister,Allison at ATA Karate.. She laughs at my horrible jokes and always gave me a simile that you are doing a great job.That made me feel better about myself.. If the life turned hard to step forward you can say .. I Can DO it for my kids and my families.. Tanya you are doing a great job .. .

  2. Wohoo, I'm totally your first "follower!" I feel so special. :-)

    Consider yourself duly added to my Google Reader.

  3. Darnit - I'm not first! haha :) Welcome to the blogosphere.

  4. Yay! Awesome to see you here :) Your little ones are just too cute...and I LOVE the sneak peek at the photo session - A W E S O M E!

  5. Hi! You did great!!! Your kids are gorgeous! My twin boy is Jack.
    I am new to blogging too and would love it if you'd stop by.My site is under construction and I haven't written any real stuff yet!LOL!My twins are 13 months one of each!okay long comment