Monday, September 21, 2009

Makes My Monday: Life is getting back to "normal"

It's been a crazy few months here in the Powers house!  Just as we were starting to get settled into life with our newest additions, things went a little haywire!  

I am a planner, I get frustrated when my plans don't fall into place the way I'd hoped and with 3 little ones that's not always realistic.  I had this picture in my head, just a few months back of how my summer would go, new babies sleeping the day away in their crib just feet away from their big brother, a beautiful Christening, Jackson's seamless transition into preschool 2, walking off these extra lbs left over from my pregnancy, throwing a fantastic party for Jackson's 4th birthday and FINALLY... going back to work!!

Little did I know that Jackson, my excellent sleeper, would loose all ability to reason when I mentioned the idea of his twin sisters sleeping in the same room.  How did I not see that he would be devastated moving into a new class-room just feet away from his beloved Miss Stephanie's class.  I suppose I did have some control over the whole weight loss thing, but no such luck with the extra poundage :(  Oh and don't forget to throw in the hospital stays with both babies having RSV, which by the way were not so perfectly aligned with Jackson's 4th birthday!  This was not what I had planned.

You know what though, we got through it.  Life is good.  Jackson is now happy in school.  Girls are happily sleeping (in the co-sleeper in our room) through the night and on their way to a full recovery.  The Christening was beautiful.  Jackson's simple birthday party at home was just what HE wanted.  Life is Good.

Things are finally getting back to "normal" around here and that is definitely making my Monday.  Now if I could only fit into my scrubs for my first day back to work on Wednesday!!



  1. Good luck with the first day back to work. Let me know when you find "normal" again and send some my way LOL!

  2. T - Elliot shares a b-day with a daycare buddy so we decided that we would throw a combined party. Planned, set up, ready to go... party at the splash park. Mind you, the only "weather issues" in Montana in August are fire and heat! So what happens? Starts raining at 1 and doesn't quit. The other mom stops at the park and hangs "change of plans" signs while I furiously clean my house in prep for 25 kids under age 7 and 15 adults!!! YIKES! But the boys and kids had a blast and I got Mommy props for just goin' with the flow. :-)