Friday, September 18, 2009

Jackson's 4th Birthday

So now that I am home from the hospital and have attacked the majority of the laundry and disinfecting that inevitably comes along with 2 sick babies, I can finally share some stories and pics from Jackson's birthday.

Jackson turned 4 on Sunday and although it was a pretty chaotic day, we were able to enjoy celebrating his big day with family and a few close friends.  On Sunday morning Rick came to the hospital and sat with Emma, while I took Jackson to breakfast (our tradition).  Mom was home with Ava.  The nurses at the hospital wrapped up a box of new hot-wheels cars for Jackson too, so when he came in to visit and discovered his gift he was thrilled!!  That afternoon my mom came in and sat with Emma while I came home for the party.  Rick was great and had the house clean and ready, picked up the pizza and even made the Dino cupcake-cake I was planning on making.  The kids searched outside for Dino-eggs, took turns hitting the dino-pinata and enjoyed the pizza, cupcakes and ice-cream.  Jackson opened his gifts, work boots, a new forklift truck and a Dinosaur sweater were among his favorites!  I was back at the hospital for 8pm rounds and Rick was left with clean-up (poor thing)!  Jackson had a great time and was relieved to learn that his birthday would not be "canceled" due to his sister's being so sick!

Thanks to Rick, my mom, and all of my sisters for helping me to make Jackson's birthday so special and for all of the help with Emma and Ava.  This would have been impossible with out you.



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