Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's been a while...

It's been such a busy week and weekend (so far), that I haven't had much time to post anything.  Typically I actually prefer to be busy!  I seem to function better when I have more to do... it's like a "controlled chaos".  This past week however was more of an unorganized frenzy of packing baby bags, driving here and there, preschool meetings, field-trips, missed doctors appts (oops) and some volunteer work with my local group of twin moms.  Oh yes, I also went back work!!

I went back to work on Wednesday and although it was tough to leave the "twincesses" after being home with them for almost 4 months, it was also nice to see my co-workers, the patients and just to fall back into a bit of a routine.

Jackson goes to preschool on Wednesdays so I convinced myself that he would not be effected by my return to work, since he would not be home.  Wrong.  He had an awful day at school and has been pretty fresh all week.  Jackson is a child that thrives on a schedule.  I am not talking about minute by minute, but he NEEDS structure.  Between me going back to work, the girls being sick and in and out of the hospital, a new preschool classroom and now a new preschool teacher, he has been a mess!!  Ah, the guilt that inevitably comes along with motherhood.

Ava and Emma on the other hand were fine with my absence (sniffle sniffle).  They were with my mom and they adore her so it was comforting to know that they'd be so well taken care of.  They are feeling so much better.  Ava is still a little congested, but still much, much better.  They are starting to laugh, which is adorable and they "talk" to each other, which is amazing and so much fun to see.

In other news, the local twin mom's group that I belong to had our bi-annual tag sale on Saturday.  I scored some major deals and stocked up on fall/winter clothes and pj's for the girls (thanks Heather!).  I got a great baby jogger that's barely used, some cute little floor mat/baby gyms for the girls... just $5 each and some goodies for my nieces and nephews too!  Oh and a great brand name winter coat for Jackson that was only $7... Ka-ching!  I worked both Friday night and Saturday morning setting up for the sale and in exchange you get a preview shopping hour, which is well worth it.  It's so nice to meet so many other MOTs (mom of twins) and the sense of camaraderie within this group of  moms is so wonderful and refreshing.

So I am hoping this week is a little less hectic.  I am only working Wednesday through Friday so I have a couple days to recover, get the kids back on schedule and spend some much needed time with  "Action Jackson".

For now, check out some pics of the goodies I scored for my kids and my nieces and nephews too!

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