Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boo for sick babies!

It's official, Emma has Bronchitis!  Jackson has been fine, so I don't think it's something he brought home from preschool.  Not sure where/how she got it?  Ava seems to be coming down with something, but not nearly as bad yet, hopefully it won't get worse.  So far we are just keeping her comfortable, sleeping in her car seat, pedialite, humidifier, blah, blah, blah.  I feel so badly, it sucks when kids get sick, especially babies.  Hopefully she'll be better soon and we can avoid a nebulizer.  

She's still smiling and sleeping peacefully, what a good girl!



  1. What a sweet girl she is! I was a bronchitis every spring and fall child. According to my mom, they did nothing for it but a Vicks rub and the occasional humidifier! Glad we are a bit more proactive today...and hope she (and you as her caring caregiver!) feels better soon!

  2. Awww - poor Emma! Glad that no one else has it yet and I hope it stays that way :)

  3. This is Emma, Ava and Jacksons, Nanny. (grandmother). Emma is in the Hospital with RSV. She is under great care and I'm sure she"ll be fine. But poor baby :( I'm home with Ava and Jackson. Undoubtedly Ava will be next.
    Say a prayer. I'm sure Tanya will blog, as soon as she gets home.