Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Way Back When-esday: Time for some baby pics...

The girls are almost 4 months old and I really think this is a fun age.  I love how smiley they are and all the "talking".  The girls are starting to respond to Jackson much more and they love to watch him dance and make silly faces.  He loves to make them laugh and it's so rewarding to see them interact.

As promised, I have some baby pics today!  Lately, a few people have said that they see a resemblance between Jackson and the girls.  Makes sense, since they are siblings, but I am not sure I see it?  Have a look for yourself, these are some pics of Jackson around the same age as Ava and Emma are now.

                             Here are a few of Jackson...

And here are a few of Ava and Emma...




Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes!

Jackson and I were having a little impromptu speech lesson tonight, while I was putting him to bed and he had me cracking up!  It all started with me trying to teach him to say the word "mouth", which he pronounces "nouf".  We got the 'm' sound down and he was having some trouble with the 'th', so I started having him say things like "the, this, that", etc.  When he seemed to have it down, I started asking him questions like "what do you use to see,  what does daddy use to hear, what do the babies use to smell, all to which he answered correctly... eyes, ears, nose.  Finally, I asked him "What does mommy use to talk", to which he replied "a cell-phone"!!

That's all for now, stay tuned for some baby pics in tomorrows Way back When-esday post!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's been a while...

It's been such a busy week and weekend (so far), that I haven't had much time to post anything.  Typically I actually prefer to be busy!  I seem to function better when I have more to do... it's like a "controlled chaos".  This past week however was more of an unorganized frenzy of packing baby bags, driving here and there, preschool meetings, field-trips, missed doctors appts (oops) and some volunteer work with my local group of twin moms.  Oh yes, I also went back work!!

I went back to work on Wednesday and although it was tough to leave the "twincesses" after being home with them for almost 4 months, it was also nice to see my co-workers, the patients and just to fall back into a bit of a routine.

Jackson goes to preschool on Wednesdays so I convinced myself that he would not be effected by my return to work, since he would not be home.  Wrong.  He had an awful day at school and has been pretty fresh all week.  Jackson is a child that thrives on a schedule.  I am not talking about minute by minute, but he NEEDS structure.  Between me going back to work, the girls being sick and in and out of the hospital, a new preschool classroom and now a new preschool teacher, he has been a mess!!  Ah, the guilt that inevitably comes along with motherhood.

Ava and Emma on the other hand were fine with my absence (sniffle sniffle).  They were with my mom and they adore her so it was comforting to know that they'd be so well taken care of.  They are feeling so much better.  Ava is still a little congested, but still much, much better.  They are starting to laugh, which is adorable and they "talk" to each other, which is amazing and so much fun to see.

In other news, the local twin mom's group that I belong to had our bi-annual tag sale on Saturday.  I scored some major deals and stocked up on fall/winter clothes and pj's for the girls (thanks Heather!).  I got a great baby jogger that's barely used, some cute little floor mat/baby gyms for the girls... just $5 each and some goodies for my nieces and nephews too!  Oh and a great brand name winter coat for Jackson that was only $7... Ka-ching!  I worked both Friday night and Saturday morning setting up for the sale and in exchange you get a preview shopping hour, which is well worth it.  It's so nice to meet so many other MOTs (mom of twins) and the sense of camaraderie within this group of  moms is so wonderful and refreshing.

So I am hoping this week is a little less hectic.  I am only working Wednesday through Friday so I have a couple days to recover, get the kids back on schedule and spend some much needed time with  "Action Jackson".

For now, check out some pics of the goodies I scored for my kids and my nieces and nephews too!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two For Tuesday: Best Friends!

This Two For Tuesday post may surprise you, as the Twincesses are not the "Two" I am talking about!  

As most of you know, Jackson celebrated his 4th birthday just last week and when he blew out the candles he made one very special wish... to have a play-date with his best friend Mia (his cousin).  These two have been the best of friends for the past 4 years, Mia is just 5 months younger than Jackson.  Unfortunately, Mia and her adorable little sister Ella were not able to make it to Jackson's party, so we went over to their house last night to grant Jackson's Birthday wish.  It went pretty well, although Jackson was upset that I forgot his pajamas (they always love to get into their PJs and watch movies).  If you could have seen the look on our faces when after a long period of only silence coming from upstairs (never a good sign), Jackson walked downstairs in Mia's PJs (btw she weighs about 10lbs less than him)!!  

Here is a photo of their very first meeting, and a couple black-mail shots of Jackson in Mia's PJs and a pink turtleneck that was on backwards!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Makes My Monday: Life is getting back to "normal"

It's been a crazy few months here in the Powers house!  Just as we were starting to get settled into life with our newest additions, things went a little haywire!  

I am a planner, I get frustrated when my plans don't fall into place the way I'd hoped and with 3 little ones that's not always realistic.  I had this picture in my head, just a few months back of how my summer would go, new babies sleeping the day away in their crib just feet away from their big brother, a beautiful Christening, Jackson's seamless transition into preschool 2, walking off these extra lbs left over from my pregnancy, throwing a fantastic party for Jackson's 4th birthday and FINALLY... going back to work!!

Little did I know that Jackson, my excellent sleeper, would loose all ability to reason when I mentioned the idea of his twin sisters sleeping in the same room.  How did I not see that he would be devastated moving into a new class-room just feet away from his beloved Miss Stephanie's class.  I suppose I did have some control over the whole weight loss thing, but no such luck with the extra poundage :(  Oh and don't forget to throw in the hospital stays with both babies having RSV, which by the way were not so perfectly aligned with Jackson's 4th birthday!  This was not what I had planned.

You know what though, we got through it.  Life is good.  Jackson is now happy in school.  Girls are happily sleeping (in the co-sleeper in our room) through the night and on their way to a full recovery.  The Christening was beautiful.  Jackson's simple birthday party at home was just what HE wanted.  Life is Good.

Things are finally getting back to "normal" around here and that is definitely making my Monday.  Now if I could only fit into my scrubs for my first day back to work on Wednesday!!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Snapshots: Jackson's working weekends and Ava and Emma are resting and recovering!

Jackson was off to "work" bright and early this morning.  Work-boots, check.  Shovel, check.  Hammer, check.  "Coffee" (milk in one of Nonno's coffee cups), check.

Meanwhile, the Twincesses are getting some much needed rest and have become quite attached to their new "lovies".  These beautiful hand-knit green (Emma) and pink (Ava) blankets were given to them by the nurses at the hospital and are made by Project Linus

 Check out more Saturday Snapshots at The Zimmer Zoo!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jackson's 4th Birthday

So now that I am home from the hospital and have attacked the majority of the laundry and disinfecting that inevitably comes along with 2 sick babies, I can finally share some stories and pics from Jackson's birthday.

Jackson turned 4 on Sunday and although it was a pretty chaotic day, we were able to enjoy celebrating his big day with family and a few close friends.  On Sunday morning Rick came to the hospital and sat with Emma, while I took Jackson to breakfast (our tradition).  Mom was home with Ava.  The nurses at the hospital wrapped up a box of new hot-wheels cars for Jackson too, so when he came in to visit and discovered his gift he was thrilled!!  That afternoon my mom came in and sat with Emma while I came home for the party.  Rick was great and had the house clean and ready, picked up the pizza and even made the Dino cupcake-cake I was planning on making.  The kids searched outside for Dino-eggs, took turns hitting the dino-pinata and enjoyed the pizza, cupcakes and ice-cream.  Jackson opened his gifts, work boots, a new forklift truck and a Dinosaur sweater were among his favorites!  I was back at the hospital for 8pm rounds and Rick was left with clean-up (poor thing)!  Jackson had a great time and was relieved to learn that his birthday would not be "canceled" due to his sister's being so sick!

Thanks to Rick, my mom, and all of my sisters for helping me to make Jackson's birthday so special and for all of the help with Emma and Ava.  This would have been impossible with out you.



Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Emma was discharged from the hospital yesterday morning, just as Ava was being admitted!  Yes, that's right.  Ava was literally being checked in right across the hall, while my mom was helping me to gather Emma's things and sign her discharge paperwork.  Ava also has RSV, she also has an ear infection.  Ava did not require any oxygen, like Emma did, so she was started on antibiotics for the ear infection, monitored overnight and discharged this morning.  I was able to come home for a few hours so that we could celebrate Jackson's 4th birthday on Sunday (pics coming coon). 

The girls are doing better, still lots of coughing and not taking full bottles, but overall they are doing well.  They will see their pediatrician tomorrow and may need more chest x-rays to be sure they didn't develop pneumonia.  

Thanks for all of the well wishes, now I need to go attack some of the laundry and disinfect my house!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Emma is in the Hospital with RSV

Quick Update:  Emma was admitted to the Hospital Friday morning with RSV.  She is being cared for by some amazing nurses and Doctors.  I just came home to see Jax and Ava and get some things, while my Mom sits with her.  It looks like she will be there at least until Monday.  Rick has been great, taking care of the other two kiddos, sanitizing the house and attempting to make the Dinosaur cupcake-cake for Jackson's 4th Birthday TOMORROW!! 

Please keep Emma in your prayers.  Thanks,


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boo for sick babies!

It's official, Emma has Bronchitis!  Jackson has been fine, so I don't think it's something he brought home from preschool.  Not sure where/how she got it?  Ava seems to be coming down with something, but not nearly as bad yet, hopefully it won't get worse.  So far we are just keeping her comfortable, sleeping in her car seat, pedialite, humidifier, blah, blah, blah.  I feel so badly, it sucks when kids get sick, especially babies.  Hopefully she'll be better soon and we can avoid a nebulizer.  

She's still smiling and sleeping peacefully, what a good girl!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Way Back When-esday

For my first Way Back When-esday post, it's only fitting that I post some photos from Birthdays past, as Jackson's 4th Birthday is just a few days away!  It seems so cliche to say that "time flies", but it's so true.  I so love seeing my first baby grow into a boy and I love hearing all of the funny things he has to say... he's a real comedian!  I just wish I could slow it down.  Just a little.

Stay tuned for pics of this years Dino-mite festivities!

Check out more GREAT birthday photos at TWINFATUATION! and other Way Back When-esday photo's at The Zimmer Zoo.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Makes my Monday: Party Planning and a Sneak Peek into Ava and Emma's 1st photo shoot!

Party planning is making my Monday as Jackson eagerly awaits his 4th birthday party. Party supplies are ordered and invitations have been delivered (by Jax himself!). I just need to get some candy to fill our Pinata and ingredients for the cake. I am going to attempt to make this dinosaur cupcake-cake. Wish me luck!

In other news... On Friday we had Diana Sechrist, a fantastic professional photographer come to our home to take some photos of Ava and Emma. She was so wonderful, patient and really made us feel relaxed. The shoot was lots of fun and she has posted some of the photos on her blog I can't wait to see the rest of them!

Check out some other great family photos at twinfatuation

What's making your Monday?


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jackson's first day of Preschool 2!

Smiley babies!

My First Blog!

Oh my, how can this... my first ever Blog entry be cause for such nerves. I suppose it's due to the fact that I have been so thoroughly impressed and even more so entertained by the blogs of my friends, Nicole, Joss, Liz and so many more!!

So here goes. I am Tanya, mom to a sweet and tenacious son Jackson who will be 4 in 1 week (9.13.05)! I am also a new member of the world of
MOTs, otherwise known as "mom of twins". Ava and Emma aka the "Twincesses" were welcomed into our crazy brood on June 2nd after a relatively uneventful 35 week pregnancy.

Life thus far has been pretty good to us! A brief overview, for those of you who know me you know brief is NOT something I do well :)

I was born and raised here in Massachusetts, I have a big, loud, loving Italian family. My parents (Aldo and Judie) are pretty old-fashioned, married 31 years and have 6 daughters... yes 6 girls, NO boys! Allison 35, Samantha 27, Cassandra 23, Miranda 20 and Alexandra 17. I fall 2
nd in line and I am mom to half of my parents grandchildren, with Allison claiming the other 3 kiddos, Orlando 10, Justin 8 and Vittoria 4. Since my life centers around these people, it is important that you know who they are... they will be mentioned quite often in my upcoming blogs... I think?

Rick is my DH and the silly fool who decided to marry into the craziness listed above! Born and raised in NH, he's as American as apple pie. He grew up in the
Sunapee region, played Hockey and joined the USMC straight out of high-school. He works for my dad (poor thing) a contractor, but is an aircraft mechanic by trade. We met when he walked into UNO's, yes the pizza place and sat down at my table. I must have been some waitress, 3 weeks later he got a job at UNO's! We were engaged less than a year later in March, married 6 months later on 9.18.04 and by New Year, I was expecting Jackson!

Last summer we had our first family vacation with Jackson to Italy, with rest of my extended family, on the heels of my hospitalization for
Giullian Barre' Syndrome, LONG story. When we returned my doctors cleared me to get pregnant, if I wanted to. I did! Unfortunately, Rick had just lost his job, so the timing was just not right. We decided to try and avoid getting pregnant (sorry if TMI). Oops, well aren't we clever, because come October I was pregnant!

After a quick scan at work (I work in OB) and then lunch-break spent in radiology for confirmation, I decided to take a half-day so that I could come home and tell Rick (still unemployed) that we were in fact expecting identical twins!! After several repetitions of "holy crap", "we need a new car", "we only have 2 bedrooms" and miles of driveway paced by Rick, we settled somewhat into the idea of being parents of 3!!!

On June 2
nd Ava and Emma arrived! Weighing in at 4lb 11oz and 5lb 8oz respectively. They were both healthy and pink and came from the hospital with me after 5 days. 3 months later, they are sleeping through the night, smiling and were just Christened last week.

Jackson's 4
th birthday is next on our list and should prove to be a Dino-mite party! Can you guess the theme?

So that's us. Not so brief I guess, but I did my best!

I'd love to hear some reviews on my 1st blog! What can I do differently, better, less of, more of etc...